Meet Our Team

When we started in 2018, we were just 2 dedicated developers with a lot of passion for coding. Our attitude hasn't changed—but since then, we’ve grown to be a team of 15+ team members, 50+ projects, capable to handle all sorts of technical and non-technical challenges. From the first concept to the production-ready release.


The Beginnings

Our journey started in 2018 with co-founders Cristi & Edy, who took a leap of faith and left their regular jobs.
We started with a small Vue.js project which then lead to other recommendations and a lot of fun challenges.

Towards the end of the year, we had our first colleague joining us to help out with a new project and our team had its first growth step from 2 to 3 people.


The Past

Over the years we naturally expanded our team by at least 50% each year, gathering more & more experience, and tackling new projects and challenges. We've had our ups and downs, new and old projects to maintain but always open to what was ahead of us.


The Present

We live the present by serving our new and existing customers, some of them being with us right from our beginning to this day. Our team has reached 17 team members, with 50+ projects being completed and worked on from small to large-scale web apps. We had several internships and social events, attended conferences as speakers, did open source work, and even started our own internal product.


The Future

We can clearly see a bright future ahead of us. We are always ready to adapt and face new challenges because we truly love facing barriers and overcoming them in our unique way. Software is what we breathe every day and we can just hope that the future will let us create even more beautiful and helpful software not only for us, but for others as well!

Our Values

Building great products and sustainable teams is more than just technical skills. We want to ensure that we align in terms of values and principles from the start in order to make the team even greater!

Customer Centric

We try to go beyond expectations to offer the best in class solutions. Committed to high performance in delivering our promise.

Detail Oriented

We ensure that we deliver the highest quality we can. We don't close our eyes to "small" imperfections and do not cut corners.

Team Players

Collaborative engagement, we share cool ideas, recognize and value the contribution of each team member. Support when needed - great teams win together.

Meet our Team

Success is better when it's shared. We truly believe in the power of sharing and growing together in order to reach our full potential.


Cecilia Man


Cristi Jora


Eduard Lupacescu



Alex Lesan


Antoniu Gavriș

David Zuzu



Arthur Kirkosa


Daniel Bănciulea

Gabriel Petrescu

Sergiu Bogos

Vasile Papuc


Victor Malai



Alexandru Lupean

Leonid Cebotari

Roman Zavulan


Claudia Derevlean


Marcel Piroșcă


Eliza Dumitrache

Petruța Țuligă

Silvia Truta