We offer full stack development and consulting services to support your startup or business.

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Web development

Build high quality, performant web apps in the shortest amount of time.

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MVP Development

Test and ship your idea to market by developing a MVP (Minimum viable product).

Startup MVP Prototype
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Vue.js Development

Bring your idea to life faster than ever with the most versatile web framework out there.

Progressive Scalable Performant

Technologies We Love

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Modern Tools

With the help of modern tools & technologies, we build high quality web apps that are meaningful, responsive and fast!

Guidance & support

We give you support throughout the project development phase and always improve based on feedback.

The Right approach

Everything we build is based on small blocks that can be reused, whether it's a button or a form, the components we build will always have a single source of truth which means less bugs and less maintenance.

Let's build something together

We are a web development agency based in Cluj-Napoca specialized in Javascript, Laravel and Agile. We are experienced yet fresh and passionate about what we do. Our core values are quality, innovation and openness. Let's build the next great thing hello@binarcode.com
Iterative process
Iterative process

We try to provide visible results from the first days of work, so you can visualize every step of the development process.

Dedicated Team

We are passionate about what we do and we will spend all the time required to make high quality products according to your own needs.

Launch time
Quick Launch time

By using some of the most productive technologies, we make sure that your end product is delivered fast, yet at high quality.

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3D Visualization MVP for Online Factory
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