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Develop SaaS products from start to end

We build scalable SaaS products that solve real problems for our clients. 90% of our projects are custom SaaS products that include all the tools you need from monitoring to payments, data management and so much more.

Delivering software as a service over the web


The SaaS, in short for Software as a Service, allows users to access, use and pay for the software online without desktop installation, a ton of technical support, or maintenance issues. The SaaS offers a wide range of benefits: cost-effective, flexible usage, scalable, customizability, and security.

Popular examples of modern SaaS software are products like Slack, Jira, G Suite, Github, Zoom, Hubspot, SalesForce and so many others. A SaaS product can target a very wide audience like Hubspot and SalesForce or on the contrary, target a very niched market in order to solve a very specific problem.

Most of the time, a SaaS product is a piece of software that solves a real-world problem allowing end users to save time and money. SaaS product development is all about adaptation, speed, and critical thinking. We combine all these skills and our past experiences and code to deliver new products that are scalable and ready for users as soon as possible.

Why is SaaS a good choice for my business ?


A SaaS product brings a lot of benefits in the long term for your business, starting from scalability and efficiency to reduced technical support.

Some of the benefits SaaS software brings are the following

  • Scalability
    A well-thought and architected SaaS product can scale horizontally and allow your business to grow and acquire new customers without having to deal and invest tons of money into scaling the technical solutions.
    If you take care of payment integrations, subscriptions, and onboarding very well, you don't have the burden to invoice customers or educate them about the software, because the software does it for you.
  • Interoperability
    When the software is built with an API mindset from the very beginning, it opens doors to easily integrate it with other tools & software. You can leverage the power of webhooks to automate various processes in your software or even expose parts of the product through an Open API standard, which allows other third parties to integrate with your software directly.
  • Cost-effective
    If the SaaS product is built in an efficient way, it can be very cost-effective once scaled. Since a modern SaaS solution is usually deployed through a Cloud Service like AWS, you end up paying only for the resources that you use. You can start with a Proof of concept and have maintenance costs of < 100$ and as you scale pay exactly based on what resources you use instead of buying a big server that you might not use 99% of the time.
  • Security
    Combined with a multi-tenant architecture, a SaaS software can be secure and allow users to access only their company data without even knowing about the existence of other data. It's as if you'd install the software individually for every company you want to sell the software to, but this happens automatically upon account registration. On top of that, you can enforce other security mechanisms such as 2FA, strict permissions, and even data anonymization to keep your data secure at all levels, whether it's users, customer support, or developers accessing it.

Our technology stack

Our technology stack provides a robust and scalable infrastructure to create the most engaging, secure, and personalized customer experience.

Modular project management web app with everything in one place

Project management web application built with Vue.js, Laravel, TailwindCSS. aims to bring together multiple tools & services via embeds and custom modules, so all the data related to a project sits in one place. When we started the project, we had to think about the architecture to make it as modular and extensible as possible.

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