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Open-source & paid Vue.js themes that are used by other developers to speed up their MVP or product development.

CreativeTim is a digital agency with over 1.9 million users that creates free & premium UI Kits on top of various tools & frameworks such as Vue.js, React, and Angular.

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The Challenge


CreativeTim is a digital agency with a user base of over 1.9 million users that creates free & premium UI Kits on top of frameworks like Vue.js, React, and Angular.

We initially connected via open source and after a series of meetings and planning, we agreed to develop an UI Kit with Vue.js, which at that time was not that popular yet.

Right from the beginning, we knew we had to provide high-quality code & scalable components that are used by thousands of developers

We needed to make sure we have detailed documentation for each template with examples for each component and how it can be used.

Each template had to look flawless and be as bug-free as possible since it was going to be used by thousands of developers later on.

The Process


At the time we started working on these Vue.js templates, Vue.js was not very popular yet, with version 1 being released only a couple of months before and the Vue community being far smaller than it is today.

We decided to create a free open-source template first and gather feedback from users before implementing a premium one. After releasing the first template, we got lots of positive feedback and continued working on new templates, reaching a total of 12 Vue.js templates. The most common ones were dashboards but we also had website examples with various customizable components and extensive documentation.

Our experience with CreativeTim helped us a lot in creating robust frontend project structures that are scalable and customizable in the long term.

The Results


We delivered over 12 free & premium dashboards with over 50.000 downloads together. Our collaboration is still ongoing and we still deliver Vue.js solutions together.

  • We delivered over 12 free & premium templates.
  • Over 50.000 free downloads & more than 2000 purchases.
  • Positive feedback with an average above 4.8/5 from end-users & developers
Launching the Vue.js products, which regularly receive 5-star reviews, has boosted general sales by 20%. BinarCode always delivers immaculate code and thorough documentation. Their fluid communication and timely deliveries make the relationship successful.
Alex Paduraru
CEO, CreativeTim

Sneak Peak 🙌

If you're curios to see some live examples, you can check some of the templates on the CreativeTim website