Customizable job board website builder used to create 15 job websites

Website builder built with Nuxt that allows creation and dns mapping of multiple websites on the same sever.

Exenzo provides SaaS Job board software including marketing and sale solutions. Exenzo's mission is to make job board management easy and business focused.

Job websites launched


Years of ongoing collaboration


Monthly combined website visits


The Challenge


Exenzo provides SaaS Job board software including marketing solutions. Exenzo's mission is to provide full blown SaaS Job Board software for various clients across Europe.

Exenzo already had several clients mostly based in Netherlands however their current solution was semi automated meaning that each new client required coding in order to create a new website.

We had the goal to develop a new enhanced suite of projects (admin portal, public facing editable website and REST API with multi tenancy) that will support Exenzo's long term goal and mission.

We had to ensure that the website builder is a SEO friendly editable website composed of blocks and pages that can be dynamically created and managed from the website editor.

On the management side we had to develop a fast and intuitive Admin tool to manage all the data behind each customer.

The Results

Exenzo migrated over 10 existing clients to the new platform and everyone was impressed.

BinarCode delivered features & improvements by collaborating closely with Exenzo's technical and non technical team.

We built a full blown website editor in Nuxt where each client can customize most of the pages and have full control over the content of each page. We had to make sure that each page is SEO friendly and includes job specific SEO tags so it can rank the websites higher in search engines.

We created an admin tool where website owners can manage their data, settings, jobs and content.

Behind the 2 solutions above we built a REST API together with Exenzo's team that was used both for the admin portal and for the website builder to store information with a multi tenant architecture behind it.

Our collaboration reached 4 years and is ongoing with more upcoming projects.

Their knowledge of frontend development sets them apart from other firms. I specialize in backend technologies, and their experience with frontend systems has been enormously helpful for me. Also, because they’re a small team, we’ve been able to get to know them on a personal level. They’ve made a point to meet with us in person, which is something we value.
Koen Blokland Visser
CTO, Exenzo