Job advertising automation on 30+ job boards

Frontend: Vue.js with Tailwind CSS for UI rendering and styling. Other libraries used are: Ag Grid, Echarts, Pinia.
Backend: PHP with Laravel, Restify, MySQL and ElasticSearch

Jobmatix is a programmatic job marketing tool to automatically post and advertise vacancies on more than 30 job boards. It allows customers to set up campaigns in a granular way, so they choose which jobs they want to advertise and on which job boards. Customers create their campaigns and Jobmatix takes care of the rest. This is a completely automated, central platform which helps promoting jobs based on their performance, increasing the conversion rate: a higher percentage of candidates hired compared to the number of vacancies available over a period of time.

Worked hours


Team members

Years of ongoing collaboration


Months to deliver the first MVP

Job board integrations


Jobs imported and processed through Jobmatix

+ million
Their knowledge of frontend development sets them apart from other firms. I specialize in backend technologies, and their experience with frontend systems has been enormously helpful for me. Also, because they’re a small team, we’ve been able to get to know them on a personal level. They’ve made a point to meet with us in person, which is something we value.
Koen Blokland Visser
CTO, Jobmatix

The Challenge


Our goal was to create a seamless experience that would empower both our clients and their end-users, while also enhancing the efficiency and control of the Jobmatix team.

  • Provide an improved, more scalable version of the legacy app
  • Create a multi-tenant architecture in order to give clients access to their projects only
  • Create an administrative panel for the Jobmatix team to have an overview and control over their clients’ resources
  • Come up with a 2 level roles and permissions system: specific granular permissions for each project a client has
  • Give more power to the user in the whole process: from importing jobs, to choosing what to advertise and export for their custom usages

The Process


Developing a robust and efficient app involves a meticulous process that requires great attention to detail. Additionally, we undertook the ambitious task of building a new API from scratch, utilizing the power of Laravel, MySQL, and ElasticSearch. In this list, we outline the key steps we took to ensure a seamless development process:

  • Constantly checking the legacy codebase to ensure business logic is respected
  • Cross team cooperation: stay in sync with the NL team in order to brainstorm and share ideas
  • Test various project management approaches, from Scrum to Kanban, depending on the stage in which the project was
  • Build a new API from scratch, using Laravel, MySQL, ElasticSearch

The Outcome


Our team created a new architecture for the project which aims to help Jobmatix long term with their goals to expand being job advertising. The first phase included implementing a job importer, that would enable seamless job imports and customizable field mappings from various external sources such as XML or JSON feeds. The job importer now replaces a lot of manual labor that was previously done by Jobmatix team internally.

  • The app is still in the development phase, but for the MVP we focused on delivering a working importer: users can import jobs from their own sources such as XML or JSON files, map the fields as they desire(this was manually done by the Jobmatix team before), use rules and filters to decide which jobs get imported
  • The administration panel was also built for the MVP using Laravel Nova and it provides an overview of the system, while also allowing Jobmatix admins to make changes
  • A bunch of other features were also developed: allow users to create custom campaigns to advertise their jobs, give the option to have their jobs exported in specific formats by either choosing an import source or applying some filters, have control over their teams and account settings

Sneak Peak 🙌

If you're interested in learning more about the project, feel free to create and account and test it!