License Management App Ecosystem

Web platform built with Vue.js, TailwindCSS, Adobe Suite, Zeplin.

Licenseware aims to help enterprises reduce licensing costs by providing an ecosystem of license management applications. Since the beginning, our team was involved in the ideation and architecture of the product. We designed a fine process from brainstorming, wire-framing all the way to implementation and branding. Our team worked close with the client and its team making sure all the technical needs and use cases are covered.

Worked hours


Team members

Years of ongoing collaboration


Months to deliver the first MVP

Apps for software asset management


Raised in seed funding

€1.7+ million
Since the inception of our company, BinarCode has been an integral part of our journey. Their technical proficiency in frontend development and design is matched by their unwavering commitment to our projects. They consistently deliver top-notch, user-friendly designs, fully understanding and aligning with our business objectives. Always available for discussions, their exceptional customer service and clear communication make our collaboration seamless. BinarCode is more than an outsourced team - they are a dependable ally in our success. I wholeheartedly recommend them for any frontend and design needs.
Alex Cojocaru
CEO, Licenseware

The Challenge


As Modern companies can’t exist without software, Licenseware has the purpose to serve IT leaders a complete toolbox that will deliver IT asset management beyond expectations via Modular Apps.

It all began when Licenseware contacted us in 2020 because they liked our portfolio, they saw the latest technologies we are working with and they identified with our professional values.

The main challenge was to build a marketplace, an ecosystem that has enough applications in order to cover all user needs.

So we had to consider:

  • Target the specific users: “Software asset management companies”
  • Create On-demand, modular apps, with their own identity that cover a specific need
  • Structure a logic relationship between the apps that work together in analysis
  • Automate manual analysis
  • Make service provider subscriptions available
  • Design an easy flow to upload raw data & analyze different data sources with drag & drop, simple to use
  • Prototype a scalable architecture for a complete marketplace of Applications that will be developed in time
  • Refine the final structure with a simple and user friendly design that contains custom UI components
  • Design a brand from scratch that can be impactful long term and consistent with the platform
  • Provide fast maintenance

The Process


Since the beginning the relationship between our team and the client was excellent. Through detailed communication and team brainstorming we brought to life the dream Platform of Licenseware.

We started off by quickly refactoring the initial application written in Vue.js and adding new features on top and after we established trust we gradually started introducing an iterative design process.

Our Team which consisted of a Product Designer (Claudia) and a Frontend Developer (Cecilia) defined a clear process that allowed ideation with the client for the product structure:

  • Documenting the requirements
  • Understand the technical needs and the insights about how the product is supposed to be used
  • Create a logical structure and easy flow between the main pages (the marketplace, the app details, the upload and analyzed reports)
  • Test the wireframes and prototype the final design for development
  • Keep close communication between departments so the expectations of the final product will be implemented as designed
  • Convert the design into a working frontend application built with Vue.js, Tailwind CSS.
  • Make refinements until the final features are tested and fully functional

The Outcome


After a lot of refinement, today users benefit from over 14 apps that serve different purposes.

  • Apps that can automate Oracle License analysis, Infrastructure data, Microsoft data, Adobe Management Softwares, Java, Encryption, etc
  • Fast upload based on Data Sources
  • Full access to reports with customizable tables based on integrated Subscription
  • Quick and Personalized dashboard
  • Tenants that can create different projects with shared analyzed data
  • Clean and User Friendly UI
  • Emblematic Brand
  • Dark theme Interface and push notifications
  • Integrations with Service Now and Lansweeper

Sneak Peak 🙌

If you're interested in learning more about the project, feel free to create an account and test it out for free.