Modular project management web app with everything in one place

Project management web application built with Vue.js, Laravel, TailwindCSS. aims to bring together multiple tools & services via embeds and custom modules, so all the data related to a project sits in one place. When we started the project, we had to think about the architecture to make it as modular and extensible as possible.

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You have done an excellent job of creating and I am looking forward to working together for the long term. I value the input of your team a lot. Not only do you do very good work but you also make very good suggestions.

That's valuable from my point of view as my way of thinking isn't always the best solution so I enjoy hearing what you and your team thinks as well.
Matt Byrom

The Challenge


It all started with Matt, the CEO of when he contacted us in 2021 via our website. He wanted to find a team that could bring to another level by rewriting the first version of the product and making it more scalable, modular, faster, and future-proof.

The first version of has been on the market for a couple of years now. It served its initial purpose of being the project management tool for Wyzowl, a video production agency that handles dozens of monthly projects and clients. However, with time, V1 became harder and harder to manage and extend because it wasn't built with modularity in mind from the very beginning.

So we went on a journey to create V2 having to face a few key challenges

  • Create a modular system that can be easily extended
  • Create a multi-tenant architecture so each company has access only to its own data
  • Provide users with a seamless way to migrate data from V1
  • Build a powerful note editor that can embed custom content and components
  • Create a powerful embeds module that can be used to easily embed external data
  • Build a robust roles & permissions system so users can only see the data they have access to
  • Create a scalable real-time architecture so users can chat & receive notifications in real-time
  • A bunch of other challenges that came along the way

The Process


Right from the beginning, we were very lucky to have a great documentation of what was expected from V2. The documentation included approximately 90 pages from which we had to digest and extract relevant details. After a series of initial meetings & planning, we agreed to a set of features that would represent the MVP.

We chose our usual stack for SaaS applications which consists of Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, Laravel, MySQL, and TipTap as notes editors.

We made the project a reality by

  • Creating a robust multi-tenancy architecture
  • Creating an infrastructure to import data from V1 seamlessly when the user chooses to do so.
  • Make sure that everything is modular and can be bundled together via tools, permissions & settings
  • Providing feedback & suggestions every time we had the occasion to do so
  • Constantly improving the UX, UI and data flows

The Outcome


The collaboration yielded an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables users to customize the application based on their company needs.

The application is fully functional and there is still continuous development & new features being worked on. After finishing the MVP, we continued development to this day with the same team which allowed us to further improve and enhance every feature that we built as well as address customer feedback once we went live.

The success of this project hinged on the following factors:

  • The app offers the users an easy and secure way to manage and customize the application based on their own needs
  • The app is integrated with a series of Third Party tools such as Zapier which allows users to bring data & automate flows via other applications
  • Looks & feels simple because it only shows the data & features the users are using
  • It’s user-friendly and available for a range of devices including a desktop and mobile app

Sneak Peak 🙌

In case you want to find out more about the project or even test it yourself, you can create an account and test it yourself, it has a 14 day free trial.