Web application built with Node.js, Socket.io, Vue.js and D3.js

Tagup is an online platform that monitors diverse hardware equipment around the world. Tagup's mission is to predict equipment downtime and failures before they occur.

BinarCode provides timely, high-quality code and development work. Their team is not only extremely efficient and productive but also easy to work with and highly communicative, overall. They continue to represent some of the strongest development staff on the company's team.
Jon Garrity
CEO, Tagup

The Challenge


Tagup is an online platform that monitors hardware equipment around the world. Tagup's mission is to predict equipment downtime and failures before they occur. We started our initial discussions after Jon, the CEO of Tagup found our Vue.js work on Github and was looking for an extra pair of hands to push their frontend to a new level.

At that point in time Tagup already had monitoring hardware in place for several equipment companies but they were struggling displaying all the data in a compelling way for the users.

We joined to help achieve this goal and to develop a fast & responsive Single Page App in Vue.js as well as support the development of the existing backend in Node.js. We knew right away that we needed to deliver an MVP very quickly and afterwards make sure it's very robust, stable and with a great test coverage.

The Outcome


Within a few clicks, engineers could access live equipment data and predictions in a fast, responsive web application. The web application started to be used by engineers & teams from various companies around the world.

BinarCode delivered features & improvements in accordance with the roadmap prepared by the client.

We've integrated Socket.io with real time charts that displayed live data from sensors, user organizations, asset management & historical asset data.

Both the backend and the frontend application reached a stable development phase, with great test coverage, clean code & data structure.

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