Automation processes for furniture rental company

Automation tools & solutions built with Laravel, Nova and Vue.js

Conjure is an online furniture rental company that serves as an alternative to furniture ownership, allowing consumers to furnish their homes or offices in a few clicks without the hassle of buying furniture.

Responsive and committed, BinarCode worked steadily through a development plan and contributed extra hours when faced with unexpected challenges. Their work will serve as a stable foundation for growth. We had a great experience and will continue to use them to scale our processes.
Daniel Ramirez
CEO, Conjure

The Challenge


We got in touch with Daniel Ramirez, the CEO of Conjure through a recommendation from another client in early 2019. At that point in time, Conjure (formerly GetMobley) already had an existing website built with Shopify which included receiving orders from customers.

However, all the processes happening after an order were received in a way such as signing a lease in the contract, sending emails, tracking the signing process, and shipping the furniture. All of them were all done manually by either Daniel or other team members. This was very labor-intensive and error-prone.

After a series of initial discussions, we drafted out what we need to do in order to automate these tasks. Some of the ideas included

  • Building email automation capabilities and integrating with leasing software and logistics providers.
  • Fully automate the customer lease experience from start to end so customers can get their generated lease documents and sign them without external technical support
  • Integrate different third-party APIs, e.g. tracking the shipment, online document signing (DocuSign, getting the latest orders from the online store (Shopify), etc.
  • Develop an automated process for generating personalized emails and documents (lease, order contract, reports, etc.) for each order in the system.
  • Implementing additional pages such as customer review forms and order tracking forms in order to improve the customer experience and gather feedback.

The Outcome


The automation processes that were developed dramatically reduced the manual inputs. Conjure, and especially the owner Daniel, was able to ramp up orders so they can focus more on the business vs handling orders manually.

  • Conjure moved the process of managing orders from excel and manual documents/emails generation to an automated system.
  • We build a fully automated platform with Laravel and Nova with an intuitive interface where orders were synchronized from the Shopify website and managed afterwards.
  • We've created a lease document generation and integration with a third-party signing system DocuSign which allowed Conjure to automatically generate lease documents based on the specific orders and order items the customers made.

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