Our team has worked on 50+ projects

Over the years we’ve build tools & processes to increase the chances of success for every project that we work on. Below you can find some samples of our work.

Modular project management web app with everything in one place

Project management web application built with Vue.js, Laravel, TailwindCSS.

Project.co aims to bring together multiple tools & services via embeds and custom modules, so all the data related to a project sits in one place. When we started the project, we had to think about the architecture to make it as modular and extensible as possible.

Customizable Vue.js themes & tools for frontend developers across the world

Open-source & paid Vue.js themes that are used by other developers to speed up their MVP or product development.

CreativeTim is a digital agency with over 1.9 million users that creates free & premium UI Kits on top of various tools & frameworks such as Vue.js, React, and Angular.

Automation processes for furniture rental company

Automation tools & solutions built with Laravel, Nova and Vue.js

Conjure is an online furniture rental company that serves as an alternative to furniture ownership, allowing consumers to furnish their homes or offices in a few clicks without the hassle of buying furniture.

Customizable job board website builder used to create 15 job websites

Website builder built with Nuxt that allows the creation and DNS mapping of multiple websites on the same server.

Exenzo provides SaaS Job board software including marketing and sale solutions. Exenzo's mission is to make job board management easy and business-focused.

Hardware equipment monitoring and prediction platform

Web application built with Node.js, Socket.io, Vue.js, and D3.js

Tagup is an online platform that monitors diverse hardware equipment around the world. Tagup's mission is to predict equipment downtime and failures before they occur.